Why Settle for Where You Are When You Can Be and Do Better?

Be A Better Dad in 40 Days

If You Know that You Were Created to Be More . . . Then This Is For You

How to be a better dad

We Believe in You

Being a dad is fun and rewarding. But, it can be lonely and there are pitfalls along the way. You have questions. Am I doing the right thing? Am I being too lenient? Am I too strict? Do they love me? What will they grow up to be?

Then there is your stuff

If you had a super dad, you feel the pressure to be like him. If your dad was less than desirable, you struggle to find your footing. You want a good relationship with your children, but where is the balance so that you don’t err on the side of leniency? Added to that, there is your stuff that is left over from your growing up years.

And . . . the elephant in the room — you are busy.

Yet, you know you can be a better dad because you were created to be more.

How to be a better dad
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You Can Be More

Whether you call yourself a good dad, a lousy dad, or somewhere in between, you can be a better dad. Why settle for where you are?

I had the privilege of participating in Claire’s program. It has been life altering for me. Claire has an amazing way of listening, guiding, and providing profound insights that produced a new level of depth and peace in my relationships.
Dr. Timothy Steele
Timothy Steele, PhD
Audiologist, CEO


Become stronger through increased self-awareness of the strengths you bring to parenting and things that are blocks. Gain awareness of your children and learn how to get closer to them.

Clarity and Confidence

Get greater clarity on your dad role. With this clarity, you will parent with certainty and confidence.


Get strategies and tools to engage your children in age appropriate ways, leading to closer relationships with them. Build trust between you and your children.


Taste success as you grow in awareness, clarity, and confidence, engaging your children toward your stated goals.

Be An Ace

Be a better dad . . . . Scratch that. Be an ACE dad with this ACES program.

Claire Annelise Smith - Dr Claire

Meet Your Coach And Program Leader, Dr. Claire

Claire Annelise Smith, Phd (Dr. Claire), is the founder of Blazing Star Network, a Professional Training and Spiritual Coaching firm. She has a variety of experiences in different cultural contexts. She is the author of multiple books and publications, including, Dads Love Lasts: How to Close the Relationship Gap for A Lasting Legacy.
As a spiritual mentor and coach, Dr. Claire helps busy CEO’s and others in executive leadership positions who are dads to be better dads who have improve their relationships with their children to leave a lasting legacy of love.

What Comprises the ACES Program

One-On-One Coaching

Goal Setting and Accountability

Strategic Implementation

Implementation Support

Be a Better Dad In 40 Days Because You Were Created to Be More

You'll Also Get . . .

FREE copies of the resources that we will be using in the program.

Dads Love Lasts – the Book

In Dads Love Lasts: How to Close the Relationship Gap to Leave a Lasting Legacy, Dr. Claire gives you resources, strategies, and actions that you can implement immediately. You will find out how to balance your various commitments to enjoy a quality relationship with your children.

Dads Love Lasts Journal

This journal is designed to empower you to be a present dad, who is involved, supportive, and engaged with his children. It will guide you to build strong relationships with your children. It is a compliment to the book, Dads Love Lasts.

Dads Love Lasts Resource Cards

A deck of 35 resource cards that Dr. Claire carefully put together for you to engage your children as you build a legacy of love.

Apply today, Dr. Claire would love to welcome you to "Be a Better Dad in 40 Days"

If you don’t qualify, Dr. Claire will give you a copy of her book, Dads Love Lasts: How to Close the Relationship Gap to Leave  Lasting Legacy. In addition, she will give you a complimentary session and recommend best ways forward for you. This is her thank-you for being interested in the program.