Has Frustration Taken Over Your Power and Control?

your power and controlWhat are you doing with your power? That’s an important question, isn’t it? It assumes that you do have power. Well, you know that you do because you are a leader; a business leader. Could it be, however, that while you easily exercise your power and control as you execute your business, there are some ways in which you are giving up your power? Let’s take a look.

You’re a Leader with Power and Control

The title, “leader,” implies power and control. Yet, as someone in business you operate with the awareness that you are there to serve. That means that you put others first, consciously or subconsciously. That is how it shakes out.

If you are in sales, then you may find yourself chasing the sale. You do whatever it takes, even erasing all the boundaries of your life.

When you are responsible for the systems and people being in place that becomes absorbing. You keenly feel the responsibility for keeping things going. You also are trying to get your team to be stronger.

The fears are with you when you sleep and when you awaken in the morning. How do they affect your power and control? You know that they do, don’t you?

Fears, Absorption and Power affect Your Power and Control

Underlying this chase and absorption are the unspoken fears of not making enough money or of the whole enterprise falling apart. These are fears you dare not allow to surface. However, they are still driving you.

The fears are with you when you sleep and when you awaken in the morning. How do they affect your power and control? You know that they do, don’t you?

What happens next is that you give away your power and allow other people to control your time. Before you know it, you have traded your personal relationships for your business. You are no longer in control. People are now controlling you and your life as you overcommit to your business.

This leads to frustration. You are frustrated because you are no longer spending quality time with your spouse and/or children and/or other significant others. They in turn are frustrated because they do not have enough time with you. Where are your power and control?

Worlds Diverge without Your Power and Control

Do you know what’s even worse? When you move past frustration to acceptance. You convince yourself that you are doing your best; that you are doing it for them. You begin to operate in your own world divorced from that of the people you claim to love and care about. You get satisfaction from it.

In the meantime, your children are growing up without you. You may not have children but you certainly have significant people in your life. You are mutually growing away from each other.

In the same way as you are operating in your own world with satisfaction, they are learning to operate without you. Nature abhors a vacuum and so your place is being filled.


If you continue on this trajectory, you will awaken one day to a life filled with regrets; regrets at the time missed and the relationships lost.

However, there is good news. You can still take back control of your time and in doing so take back your power and still be successful as a business leader. I’ll tell you more about the how in the next post.

How else might you have given up your power and control?

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