Life Changes lead to challenges, uncertainties, questions ... like it or not, life knocks. What can you do?

Get Your Inspiration and Strength for When Life Changes

Daily Inspiration for When Life Knocks

This ebook of 10 daily inspirations will give you the faith resource and inspiration to handle life’s challenges and make the most of life’s opportunities in today’s tumultuous world.


More About When Life Knocks


These daily inspirationals allow you step back and gain perspective on what is happening with and around you.


They are rooted in and reflect the reality of life as against something that is impractical. They will ground you.


You will grow stronger in your faith and find greater strength to prepare you for when life knocks.

Daily Inspiration for When Life Knocks
Daily Inspiration for When Life Knocks
“What next?” Jim wondered as he read the news. The forecast was not good at all. Just what I do not need. “This economy!” The phone rang.
He ended the conversation and hung up with a sigh. “God, give me strength!” he exclaimed, looking up at the sky. I don’t think that I can take much more.
If you have every been Jim, thinking that you cannot take much more for whatever reason; or you are Jim in this season, Daily Inspiration for When Life Knocks is for you.
Get the inspiration, answers, and strength that you need for when life changes and you life knocks.
Michelle Fritsch - Daily Inspiration for When Life Knocks

This is wonderful! I love that each day is simple and succinct yet so poignant. The photos are just right for each day. Definitely ‘doable’ even with the busiest of schedules.

Michelle Fritsch

Retirement HEALTH Specialist

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