When God Throws You a Curveball

When God Throws You a Curveball

When God Throws You a Curve Ball

David held his breath for a moment then the let it out. He raised his bat. David was ready. He was sure that he could handle anything that came his way. “Give it your best shot,” he said under his breath. He watched the pitcher do his run up and release the ball. It was a curve ball. He tried his best to track it but somehow, somewhere between the release of the ball from Jed’s hand and its arrival at his spot he lost sight of and . . . he swung and missed. He could not believe it.

In life, you get curve balls. Sometimes it seems as if it is God who throws you a curve ball.

God Throws You a Curveball . . . How Can You Tell?

You’re going along. You’ve made your plans. In your mind, you are prepared and ready for any eventuality, until . . . the plans fall apart. Of course, there are times when it is not that drastic.

It may be that you have a sense that as comfortable as you are, there is something more that awaits you. Yet, you hesitate until you are so unsettled within you have to move.

Whether it is through a drastic intervention, the unsettled feeling within, or something in between God throws you a curveball and you are stumped.

God Throws You a Curveball . . . But Why?

Could it be that you have become too complacent? Could it be that you have mistaken the way station for the destination? Often, without the curveball you would settle for less than your best. You would miss the mission and miss the opportunity to touch more lives with your gifts.

Thus, here are 3 key reasons why God throws you a curveball that you can’t hit:

Now, it’s important to realize that God has not thrown you this curveball to harm you. It is not to put you out of the game but to get you to a better pitch. God’s curveball will shift you into position to strike out . . . if you let it. It means that it’s home run time.

Did You See My Curveball?

Oh. I got my curveball. God threw me one. I thought I had reached my destination.

I started coaching pastors — Living from God’s Center. I made what seemed to me a natural continuation to working with busy leaders. I worked with them to decrease stress and develop a balanced lifestyle.

So far, so good? Yes and no. Deep within I was unsettled. It looked good. Good things were happening but . . .

Do you know that feeling when you can’t put your finger on it? Okay. Here it comes.

Curveball Time!

Now, I’m providing a customized path for CEO dads, and other dads who are leaders, to leave a rich legacy of love that honors their life and work, through building deep relationships with their children.

It’s different, but it fits. All my work has come down to relationships. Whether it has been working with pastors, other leaders, God has been using me to strengthen relationships. And, before I was a coach, I was and continue to work with young people.

Yes. It fits. But, it came like a curve ball; like when God throws you a curveball.

Now that the ball is in my hand, I have written a book to empower dads to create genuine wealth by building a legacy of love. After all, Dads love lasts.

The Sum of the Matter?

Don’t run from the curveball. Neither resent the curveball. It is not the end. Rather, embrace it and follow the new direction. Take up your position and hit that home run!

Image by Don Yates from Pixabay

Dr. Claire

Dr. Claire is the founder of Strategic Lifestyle, a Professional Training and Spiritual Coaching firm. She is also the author of multiple books and publications.

With two decades of executive experience under her belt, Dr. Claire understands the drive that keeps individuals going.

As a spiritual mentor and coach, Dr. Claire helps successful leaders who are doing amazing things to release the pressure and realign their lives for healthier relationships and a stronger legacy.

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