Whatever You Do, Don't Lose Sight of Your Call

007: Whatever You Do, Don’t Lose Sight of Your Call


Whatever You Do, Don't Lose Sight of Your CallShownotes: Whatever You Do, Don’t Lose Sight of Your Call

Abraham did not lose sight of his call. He was a mover. The thing is, though, he was moving at God’s command. He was called out and he moved by faith, based on a Word, a call from God; a call with a promise of which he never lost sight.

Those of us in ministry are called to do this—leave aside what seems to be a sure thing in pursuit of the call, often with more guarantees than Abraham had, however. Even if you are not called to ministry in a church or other religious setting, if you are a Christian, God has called you to do something. Keep it in sight. Don’t lose sight of your call.

Abraham had weaknesses.

First, Abraham had a cowardly streak of self-preservation. In his fear, he harmed everyone—Sarah, Pharaoh and Pharaoh’s household. He did not inquire of God what to do in a potentially dangerous situation. He just came up with his own solution and that solution was displeasing to God. It was not all in keeping with his call.

Then there’s Ishmael. Abraham decided that God needed help so that the promise connected with his call could be fulfilled. Horrible. Once again, Abraham came up with his own solution to fulfill the promise of God’s call and left God out.

In spite of everything, Abraham continued keeping God’s call in sight, ever moving in obedience to it. God had to rebuke him more than once but God kept working with him as he continued along God’s path and God kept God’s promises to him, in God’s own time..

Can you be like Abraham and don’t lose sight of your call

How are you keeping sight of God’s call? How are you moving in obedience to it? What do you do when it seems as if you are moving faithfully but you are not getting anywhere and/or you are encountering obstacles? Don’t lose sight of your call.

Things to avoid

Here is something to avoid: “Losing sight of God and God’s call and becoming focused on your own self-reservation.” Moreover, avoid coming up with solutions that do not come from God to help God along.


Manipulation is one word that comes to mind. Manipulating people and situations so that we end up looking good whether or not they are well served. It is built around us, we create problems for the person who follows us.


In addition, there is the public act of ministry which is performance based in that the person is using and relying on their performing skills and their impact on people rather than a demonstration of the Spirit and of God’s power.

It also moves to exchanging feelings for thinking. Your ministry can become a performance to make people feel good so that they hang around and you show “growth.” Feelings replaces thinking and depth.

If we feel pressured to produce, this is a shortcut we can be tempted to take. We can take the focus off of relying and waiting on God for increase and get movement by appealing to people’s emotions. We use the wrong measures. It is not about pleasing God but pleasing people. The call is no longer about where and how God is leading but how people are feeling. In effect, we are no longer keeping sight of our call from God.

Be patient so you don’t lose sight of your call

  • So here’s the deal. Don’t get impatient.
    Allow that God knows what God is doing.
    Allow that God is God and is the master of the impossible, so we wait and do things God’s way.

We’re in this ministry because God called us . . .
However, as we pursue this call, there may be times where we are not seeing the fruit that we expect. We are being faithful in our ministry, but we are not getting the explosive growth others seem to be getting. Sometimes it seems as if no one else gets the vision.

At other times, we are doing what God said but it is as if God has us going around in circles and the steps we take seem to be getting us nowhere.

Know this. Even when the fulfillment of God’s promises related to your call seems delayed, even when it seems as if the harvest is a long time coming, exercise patience and trust God. Do this in all seasons. Continue to seek God and do what God says. That part is critical. Note however, that It is not about being complacent but about being obedient and following what God calls you to be and do.

Remember James 5:7: “Be patient, therefore, beloved, until the coming of the Lord. The farmer waits for the precious crop from the earth, being patient with it until it receives the early and the late rains.” And, Psalm 125:6 – “Those who go out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, carrying their sheaves.

For further encouragement

Even when we stumble, God will not cast us off as we keep God’s call before us and continue to move in it in obedience. Do so with boldness and confidence because even if you deviate God will be with you and work with you as you confess and are willing and have your heart set, in faith, on following God where God will leads.

It comes down to the heart, doesn’t it? That place from which our will, our actions, our emotions spring. And so the question is, how is your heart toward God? How is my heart toward God? Don’t lose sight of your call.

do not lose sight of your callPractical Tip
Write a letter to God, outlining the frustrations you experience or have experienced in following God’s call. Affirm your commitment to faithfully follow God and ask God for help to keep your call in sight.



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