What Do You Really Want Re Your Children?

What Do You Really Want Re Your Children?

There is what we say that we want and then there is what our actions show that we want.

What Do You Really Want for Your Children

Wishing Is Not Enough

“I wish I had spent more time with my children.” Have you ever said or heard that?  There’s also the line that goes, “I wish I could spend more time with my children.” Well, the truth is, “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride,” or perhaps in our day and age we could say, “if wishes were Bentley’s, beggars would drive them.” Surely by now, with all your achievements, you know that wishing for something is not enough. Therefore, what do you really want re your children?

When it comes to your children, what do you really want? Wishing you had more time with them is not going to cut it. Time is not going to change to suit you. As a matter of fact, by merely wishing you would have already declared that this is not a priority.

As a leader, a CEO, you know the importance of planning.

It Takes a Plan, If You Really Want It

As a leader, a CEO, you know the importance of planning. You understand that if you do not plan, you will not get the results for which you are looking. You don’t wish for success in your company. You plan for it. Therefore, plan for more time with your children. As I note in my book, Dads Love Lasts,

When you partner with time to close the relationship gap with your children, you will create and value the time you have with them. You show this by blocking out that time on your calendar (Smith, 2020, 102).

Why You and Your Children Need This

More time with your children is good for you and for them. They need to know that you value them enough to be with them; that you are there for them. In turn, you need the emotional fulfillment that comes from your time with them. You also need to help them to acquire the values that are important in life. However, is this what you really want?

Only you know the answer to this question. It’s time to search deep within for your true desires. Then, move from wishing to wanting, from wanting to planning. Spend more time with your children, if this is what you really want.

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