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Spiritual support for pastors having Difficult Disaffiliation Discussions

When the clock is ticking.


how to be ready disaffiliation conversations
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How to Be Ready When the Clock Strikes and It Is Decision Time

You’ve Got A Challenge

People in your congregation are at different stages on this journey of figuring out their Methodist identity.

You are holding discussions with divergent viewpoints, spoken and unspoken.

You must moderate these discussions and hold it all together.

Sure, you have resources for guiding your congregation(s) as they seek to navigate what disaffiliation is, where they stand, and what they should/will do. You are there for them. Yet, this leaves a big question:

Who is there for you as you lead your congregation(s), giving of your time, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy?

And all the time, the clock is ticking as the decision time draws nearer.

To Be or Not to Be . . . Pressured

Time . . . it keeps moving along and there is nothing you or I can do about it. But, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Unless, you are up against a deadline and are not sure what to do, what the future will be.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Some of these decisions are out of your hands and in those of the congregation’s. Will we stay or will we go? If we go, will we be independent or will we join another Methodist body? What is the process? How can we keep it from being acrimonious? When is the best time to act?

Questions. Questions. Questions.

Their questions and yours. Okay. The congregation’s decision is their decision, but, how does it affect yours? What do you want to do? Where do you see yourself?

It all adds up to a pressure mix.

Whether you have a short or longish decision making time-frame, the clock is ticking. You should not be dealing with this alone.

how to be ready disaffiliation conversations

That’s why we are here . . . before the clock  strikes

so that you will be ready
Kendra Thompson Testimonial
Kendra Thompson Lecturer

After only a brief time with her, I was able to discern a prayerful way to navigate challenges in ministry. This is thanks to her connection with God and centered leadership.

how to be ready disaffiliation conversations
what you get

Here is what you deserve . . .

Grace-Filled Support

A place where you are reminded of God's amazing grace and where you receive it. It is a place where you can bring your doubts, insecurities, and mess-ups.

Non-Judgmental Listening

A space to say what you feel, what you think, and vent if needed, without being judged or taken to task.

Guidance to Go Deeper

At this critical time it is important to go deeper into who you are so that with this increased understanding, you do not feel diminished by the conversations or outcome.

where we focus

3 Critical Areas

In times of change and challenge, refocus and reaffirm the basics that we cover in these three critical areas.

Who You Are

Remind and reaffirm who you are as well as your call, assignment, and purpose.

Your Role in This Process

Separate your role as pastor from the expectations you and others put on you.

Finding Peace

Re-centering in God as your Shepherd, Protector, Provider, and Nurturer leads to God's perfect peace.

Every Space Count
Every moment Counts

Why Do This


A safe space to process (and vent) as needed.


Be truly heard and understood


Spiritual and prayer support.


What You Get


Renewing Content

3 audio reflections on the 3 critical areas, with reflection sheets for personalization and application.


9 weekly coaching conversations conducted by phone, giving you an empathetic, listening ear along with gentle challenge.


What Our Clients Say

Hear from pastors who have worked with Dr. Claire

"Now that I have been working with Claire, I find myself dwelling in God, and relying on God. The burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, my dry parched soul is becoming quenched by the living waters of Christ Jesus and my life consists of a new hope."
Bill's testimonial
Bill O'Neal
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Claire A Smith

Claire Annelise Smith, PhD, aka Dr. Claire, is an author, speaker, and spiritual mentor and coach, and founder of Blazing Star Network, a professional training and spiritual coaching firm. A big believer in living optimally, Dr. Claire helps leaders in transition organize their busy lives to have more time to connect with themselves, the people they love most, and God … without stress and guilt. Dr. Claire has previously served as a pastor, as well as Director of youTheology and Youth Ministry Specialist-in-Residence at Saint Paul School of Theology.

"I find Claire to be full of the spirit, a gentle challenger, with sincere care for people. I’m grateful for the new awareness I received."
Success Stories - Charity Goodwin Rosario
Charity Goodwin-Rosario
"My weekly talks with Claire Smith have been especially helpful to me and my personal spiritual life."
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Robert Sefrit

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