Their Questions. Your Answers. Your Legacy.

Their Questions. Your Answers. Your Legacy.

Their Questions. Your Answers. Your Legacy.

There are lots of questions swirling around in your children’s mind at this time. Some of them are the same as yours. For example, “What’s next?” “When will this end?” “How long will things take to open back up?” “When will we be able to get rid of the masks?” Additionally, they have challenges and questions about school. Some have adjusted easily to interacting with their teachers and studies online. Some have not.

Where do your children take their questions? With whom do they discuss and work through their challenges?

These questions surfaced in a recent conversation. Some children did not feel comfortable taking their questions to their parents. The reasons were

many. The parents were busy even though they were working from home. The children didn’t want to be disruptive while the parents were trying to focus on work, during this work-from-home time. The children didn’t feel comfortable asking their parents. The parents were stressed.

This brings us to an important question: How do you create the environment in which your children feel comfortable bringing their questions to you?

You may not have all the answers, but think of how beautiful it would be if you could explore your questions together. This is where you could give the assurance that even though you may not have all the answers, you are in this together and will be there for them. In addition, share the wisdom from your life and the related values and virtues of patience, perseverance, and peace.

One way to do this is to open the discussion on these issues in a non-anxious way. Let them know that you too have these questions and that’s it’s okay not to have answer for everything. Share what you know in a way that matches their age and stage. Do fun things and projects with them at home. Reassure them that you are in this together and that you are there for them, regardless of what happens with the external situation. As you do this, you will be supporting your children, reinforcing your role as dad, and shaping your legacy.

When your children look back at COVID-19, will they remember that you were in this together with them? What a beautiful legacy that would be. The time is now to build your legacy.

Dr. Claire

Dr. Claire is the founder of Strategic Lifestyle, a Professional Training and Spiritual Coaching firm. She is also the author of multiple books and publications.

With two decades of executive experience under her belt, Dr. Claire understands the drive that keeps individuals going.

As a spiritual mentor and coach, Dr. Claire helps successful leaders who are doing amazing things to release the pressure and realign their lives for healthier relationships and a stronger legacy.

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