Why Strategic Lifestyle and . . .

Whatever Happened to Blazing Star Network?

From Blazing Star Network . . .

You may have seen the name, “Blazing Star Network,” associated with me. Indeed, that is the name under which I did my work for a number of years.

Blazing Star signaled the potential of newness and reinvigoration – the fire that blazes again; the perennial that blooms when spring returns. There I focused on helping people deal with stress and overwhelm.

However, as time went by and the way in which I support people crystalized, it was time for an expanded focus. Enter Strategic Lifestyle.

To Strategic Lifestyle

Strategic Lifestyle is about connections and relationships – God, others, and self.

More specifically, Strategic Lifestyle recognizes that leaders in high-pressured positions are mission-driven. At times, this becomes all consuming. Basic connections are threatened; sometimes lost. 

The key to strong connections is cultivating a strategic lifestyle in which the spiritual connection is prioritized. At the heart of the spiritual connection is love.

You see, when the pressure builds up and is not released, love goes out the window. What do I mean?

Pressure can cause you to lose sight of what and who is most important. Whether it be the pressure to keep succeeding, the pressure of not letting others down, you will find yourself gradually losing your passion for what you do. However, more significantly, you will drift from the people and things that are most important to you.

This is why I work with leaders as your personal spiritual mentor and coach to support you to fulfill your mission in a high-pressured world while staying connected with God, people, and yourself.

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