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The free session was a great gift. Looking back, there's no way I could have afforded to continue on the way things were. My professional life was eating into my personal life - it was pretty much nonexistent. Dr. Smith aided me with focusing on what was important, highlighting how to best utilize my time , which in turn helped me best aid those around me professionally and personally.
Rachel McClain
Rachel McClain Robinson
Dr. Claire is able to cut through the complex and other puzzling aspects of situations like no other I have ever experienced to put us into the very best possible position to succeed with what we seek to accomplish in our respective lives.
Dennis Daniels

Why Have this Conversation with Dr. Claire?

More Than Just Talk

You will get the questions you need to uncover what is happening and point you in the right direction for what must happen next.

It' About You

The focus is how you thrive while fulfilling your mission and keeping your connections strong. This coaching goes beyond what your workplace offers.

Education Matters

As an educator who has worked in higher education, both as faculty and staff, Dr. Claire understands many of the dynamics in education.

About Claire Annelise Smith (Dr Claire)
Claire Annelise Smith, Phd, aka Dr. Claire, is an author, speaker, personal spiritual mentor and coach, as well as the founder of Strategic Lifestyle.  Through Strategic Lifestyle, she works with mission-driven leaders in high-pressured situations, so that they both fulfill their mission and have strong connections with God, people, and themselves. She does this by getting to the heart of where their connection blocks are to be found.

Join the other leaders who have received support from Dr. Claire and experienced positive change in their life and relationships.

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