Are You Ready to Move from Restless to Resting? With Robert Sefrit

014: Are You Ready to Move from Restless to Resting? With Robert Sefrit


Shownotes Episode 014: Are You Ready to Move from Restless to Resting? Interview with Robert Sefrit, Pastor of Marshfield UMC, Marshfield, MO

Are You Ready to Move from Restless to Resting? With Robert SefritLiving from God’s Center—Moving from Restless to Resting

When Robert began the program, “Living from God’s Center,” his image of where he was spiritually was a cat that is antsy, can’t sit still, and is walking around. He wasn’t satisfied. There was something more. Something not quite right. He was spiritually restless. He moved from restless to resting. His current image is a cat nestled, resting in the arms of its owner. Robert was resting in God’s presence, and he had peace. He didn’t feel he had to prove anything to anyone, to prove himself to be worthy of God’s grace and love, prove himself to his district superintendent.

Practices for Moving from Restless to Resting

He came ups with a spiritual formation plan at the end of the program based on what they had spoke of during the program.

  • Pray as you go app. He listens to it every day, prayerfully considering the Scripture on it.
  • Diet. Maintaining a good diet.
  • Daily prayer. A time of prayer that usually entails exercising—a walk, the gym.
  • Fasting. Weekly.
  • One-day apart. Prayer and plan day.
  • Annual monastic retreat.

Robert encourages everyone to have a spiritual formation plan and find someone to keep you accountable for it.

How It has Impacted his ministry

Robert Sefrit is less uptight. He had started closing himself off from people. He is more open. He has opened his home for a weekly Bible Study. He is more open to people, to love them, to be more open to God nudging, eg talk to someone. It has also affected his sermons. John 21:15–19—his calling is to feed God’s people. Doing so through sermons has become richer for himself and the people he is communicating with.

The Path to Moving from Restless to Resting

Robert’s previous appointment left him spiritually drained. There were times when he was considering alternatives to ministry. However, there was a wildlife area near home and he’d walk around lakes and God would renew him. Although God led, guided him, refreshed and renewed his soul so he could continue, it took its toll. He was becoming unhealthy physically and spiritually.

When he moved to Marshfield UMC, he was thinking he needed to get healthier. There was something more that he needed. He couldn’t figure out what it was. He was considering a Doctor of Ministry program. He felt antsy. As he prayed, Claire Smith contacted him. Initially leery. Said he’d think and pray about it. God told him he said he wanted to get spiritually healthy and here was the answer. It has been a huge blessing in his life. He is much more spiritually healthy

Advice to Someone Desiring to Live from God’s Center

  •  Are You Ready to Move from Restless to Resting? WithPray with expectation. What he discovered through the Living from God’s Center Program: He had forgotten the power of God. He was talking about God and not expecting God to show up and do things and work within the ministry.
  • Start with God. Changing the default from going and talking with someone, getting their opinion, talking to them, picking up a book when you have problems and need solutions to things. That’s important and there’s value in it. Move to new default—first ask God about it and listen to what God has to say.
  • Know your role. He felt previously there was pressure to get more and more people, get attendance up. The pressure almost made him sick. He has come to realize that it is his job to make disciples but it is Christ’ job to build the church. That has given him a sense of peace.
  • Hunger for more of God. Robert’s being antsy came from searching for God, though he didn’t realize it. His advice is to hunger for more of God and if you don’t have it, ask God for it.

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