It Comes Down to Praying to Live from God's Center with Gordon Glenn

033: It Comes Down to Praying to Live from God’s Center with Gordon Glenn


Shownotes: Episode 033 Interview with Rev Gordon Glenn, Pastor at Ward Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Kansas City, MO.

It Comes Down to Praying to Live from God's Center with Gordon GlennImage of Living from God’s Center

A target. When God is in the center of everything we do, it has a ripple effect that goes out in our community and the world. It is like dropping a pebble in the water.

The Difference This Understanding Makes in Life and Ministry

Rev Glenn seeks to be authentic. People in ministry can have a facade. He is seeking to be true. When he is struggling, he says so.

Moreover, Rev Glenn prays every morning that his work and every aspect represent the Lord; that he would be an ambassador. It changes his reactions and interactions. If his hands and feet and words are the Lord’s, what would they do, say, etc.

When it comes to strength to be authentic and represent the Lord, Rev Glenn gets it from God. He goes down and kneels at the altar with his congregation and prays for strength and courage to do and say as God says. Sometimes he has a hard word to give.

Path to Get There

  • Praying. Rev Glenn has prayed to learn lessons from what he has done. He also prayed for God to keep him from some things, show him lessons before he got to the bottom.
  • Making mistakes and living to regret them. Praying for forgiveness and a better way to do things.
  • Being able to learn, correct.
  • Forgiving self. Not taking self too seriously though taking what he does seriously.
  • Moving forward.

prayingAdvice to Someone Who Desires to Live from God’s Center

Start today. Just do it. Don’t wait for a magnificent moment. If you desire to live from God’s center, just make the commitment.

Book or Prayer Resource

My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers.

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