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Your Free One-on-One Connection Check Up

It's About Connection

Why do this?

Dr. Claire is able to cut through the complex and other puzzling aspects of situations like no other I have ever experienced .
Dennis Williams
St. Louis

An honest assessment of where you are as well as pointers for your next steps.

  1. When you fill in the information beforehand, we will both come prepared and ready to get to the heart of things.
  2. Dr. Claire is very skilled at peeling back the layers and getting to the heart of things quickly.
  3. Plus, she values your time.

By phone if you are in the US. Online if you are outside of the US. Dr. Claire will initiate the conversation.

I gained a spiritual mentor and prayer coach who heard my heart and used her spiritual, counseling/coaching skills to help build a healthy, godly relationship.
Brenda Walker - one-on-one
Brenda Walker
North Carolina
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