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June 29:
Staying Connected with God During Major Life Changes: Practical Strategies and Tips
12.30-1.30 pm CST and 11.30-12.30 EST

About the June 29 masterclass:

When you are going through major life changes, you can find it challenging to stay connected with God. Yet, your connection with God is vital for successfully weathering life changes. You will get practical tips and strategies for doing so in this masterclass.

About Claire Annelise Smith (Dr Claire)

Claire Annelise Smith, PhD, is an author, speaker, and spiritual mentor and coach. She specializes in helping successful leaders navigate significant life changes with confidence and hope. With personal experience in facing life changes, she emphasizes the importance of staying connected with God to remain stable and resilient. Claire has a diverse background, having served as a youth minister, pastor, faculty member, program director, and leader in international organizations.

Dr. Smith is one of the best and smartest teachers that I know. You can trust her ability to present topics in a manner that is profound, relevant and trustworthy.
Lelar Williams
Lelar Williams

Why You Should Attend These Masterclasses

Change is a constant.
And then there are those significant life changes, foreseen and unforeseen, that leave you off balance.
Here is how you will benefit from these masterclasses for life changes:

You will

masterclass for life changes
Dr. Claire is a catalyst for change. You will get out of the doldrums and see yourself and your situation differently.
Success Stories - Michael Pope
Michael Pope
Dr. Claire Ann Smith is such a calming balm. If you are feeling stress, anxiety, difficulty focusing, or fearful for the future, I highly recommend you spend some time with her. She is wise and has expanded my perspective on so many topics with her thoughtful process.
Michelle Fritsch - Daily Inspiration for When Life Knocks
Michelle Fritsch, PharmD
Founder and Owner of Retirement Wellness
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