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023: Why You Must be Grounded in the Source to Live from God’s Center with Kendra Thompson


Shownotes: Episode 023 Interview with Rev Kendra Thompson, Minister of Faith Formation, Edwards Congregational UCC, Davenport, IA

grounded in the sourceImage for Living from God’s Center: Grounded in the Source

The image for living from God’s Center that comes to Kendra is the tree by a stream of living water, grounded in the source. There is something very solid and stable about living from God’s center that is all around her but bigger than she is.

The Difference This Understanding Makes in Ministry

Kendra uses phrase, “prayed up” and the question, “Are you prayed up?” to keep herself in check. In times of anxiety and stress she asks herself if she is prayed up. Is she going to the source or getting lost in her anxiety? It’s a reminder to be a person of prayer and not a person of busyness, more focused on God.

If you can remember to stay connected to the source, remembering why you do ministry, why you talk about our faith and share it with others, it’s not a numbers game. Thinking of growth beyond numbers to what can’t be measured—deepening one’s faith.

Path to Get There

The image of a labyrinth that goes towards and away from the center. We participate in it, but are not in control of it. It involves grace, even though some of it is intentionality on her part. The wideness of God’s mercy gives her room to mess it up and come back on the path.

Advice to Someone Who Desires to Live from God’s Center

Why You Must be Grounded in the Source to Live from God’s CenterCare but not be swayed by the things that trouble us in the church, eg growth, giving, losing young people to the point where our anxiety leads and we stray from the path and forget to be grounded in the source. The reminder of coming back to why we do it. There is something at the heart of what we do that means we are set apart. Sometimes it might feel like a desert season and sometimes it might also feel as if we’re strange because we are choosing to follow the gospel which is counter-cultural. We are marked. Rather than this causing us to doubt ourselves, see it as indicating we are on the right path.

As a young mom, it is important to seize the moments around the kids sleeping and other schedules and not only wait for the big time periods.
Involve the kids in prayer, even as toddlers.

Prayer Resource

  • Universalis – especially as a busy mom with toddlers.
  • Reading the Psalms daily and writing around them.



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