What's Up with the Good Shepherd?

010: What’s Up with the Good Shepherd


Shownotes: What’s Up with the Good Shepherd?

What's Up with the Good Shepherd?Psalm 23 and the Good Shepherd—Isn’t that a cause for rejoicing?

What does a shepherd do?

  • A shepherd looks after the sheep.
  • A good shepherd tenderly loves the sheep and will do anything for the sheep, even dying for them, and
  • Gives them food and water.
  • Keeps them safe.
  • Goes looking for the ones that have strayed.
  • Fights off the wild animals that try to attack them.

The real shepherd, the good shepherd wants the best for the sheep

  • The shepherd looks for fields with green grass, and not dry grass, for the sheep to eat. Provision.
  • Sheep need lots of water and they prefer it still as against running.
  • There is another advantage to still water. It is calming, giving us a sense of peace.

The Good Shepherd cares for us where it matters most

The shepherd knows that we carry inner wounds and hurts and cares for our souls. As we pray and seek God, our Shepherd will calm and heal and restore your soul. This true shepherd cares about the health of that part that will be kept for eternity.

The Good Shepherd also knows the right path

In life, there are different paths that we can take. Not all of them are the right paths, even when allof them are good paths. Sometimes, it is hard to tell. However, Gods know which is the right one for us. When we seek God’s guidance we will know the right way to take.

The right path keeps us from getting in trouble for the wrong things and moving out of God’s will. Thus, daily, we should give the day to God and seek God’s direction.

The shepherd protects, guides and comforts us in the darkest times

The dark can be daunting. The Good Shepherd is always with us and the Good Shepherd is the light of the world, with his rod that protects us, warding off those who seek to harm us, letting us know when we are going astray as we feel it on us. The staff speaks of nurture, with its crook to bring us back, reminding us that the Good Shepherd has all authority.

Thus, when life gets tough, when it is dark, we will not fear. Jesus is right there with his rod and staff comforting us.

And in the midst of it all, God’s good is for us and will happen regardless.
A person not liking you is not necessarily an enemy. Similarly, someone who does not agree with you is not automatically your enemy. They just see life differently.

An enemy on the other hand, does not wish you well. They will directly or indirectly harm you when they have the opportunity to do so. They will collude with others for your downfall.

The good that God has for you, cannot be thwarted by anyone. Furthermore, God will provide for you. God will do this in front of those who are your enemies. Thus you focus not on others but on your shepherd who is also,

The Good Shepherd Is Your Abundant Healer

  • You feels better. It is as if its cup is overflowing.
  • You are so well cared for that you cannot contain all that the shepherd is given. Indeed, you cannot contain the joy, the provision, the sense of well being that God gives.
  • What joy! What goodness! What mercy there is with God! They come from God.

Goodness and mercy come from God

  • It is knowing that God intends good for us.
  • God turns everything for the good when we are surrendered to God and doing as God wants. If we should slip up, when we ask God to forgive us, in Christ Jesus God shows us mercy.
  • God’s goodness and mercy are not just today, but for everyday. Do we receive it?

It is forever with the Lord

If you allow the Lord to be our Good Shepherd, you will be living in the house of the Lord forever, where you will have all that you need, where the Lamb is the light and you live forever with the Good Shepherd who laid down his life for you.

Jesus—the Good Shepherd

When Jesus was here, he declared that his is the Good Shepherd. John 10:1–18. We see all of Psalm 23 wrapped up in Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Do you know his voice? Can you hear when he calls? Can you hear and follow when he leads? How are you experiencing his goodness, mercy, provision, comfort, healing? Are you staying close, leaving fear behind, receiving restoration?

And here’s another question, with Jesus as the Good Shepherd, what kind of shepherd are you? Are you a shepherd in Jesus’ footsteps, the One whom we follow and from whom we learn?

What Kind of Shepherd Are You?

If you are a pastor, remember that being a shepherd is inherent in being a pastor. What kind of pastor are you? In whatever ministry you are, indeed, any leadership role that you have, you should seek to exemplify the qualities of the good shepherd. Ezekiel 34:1–10 shows us what to avoid.

Not all shepherds are good. The thing is, we will have to give an account to God for how we have pastored, how we have ministered, how we have lead.

So we want to be sure that we:

  • Care about the people with whom God has entrusted us and we tenderly care for them.
  • Put their interests at a premium so that we are not self-serving.
  • Do not use them to advance ourselves.
  • Feed them with that which is good and nourishing. This means, spending time with God to hear from God; being diligent in our search and understanding of the Scriptures, using the tools available to us.
  • We will not be satisfied that there are people sitting in our pews while people are perishing outside of our pews, outside of our ministries. Instead we will go beyond those in the pews and/or on the roll.
  • Warn those in our fold of prevailing errors in doctrine and the behaviors that are displeasing to God as we seek to guard them, knowing that ultimately, they have to make their own choices.
  • We will give our all and stand up for them.
  • When we see people slipping we do not just lay down arms and accept it. No. We pray for them, pray for them, pray for them. We battle in prayer. We seek them out, etc.
  •  And always, we point them to God through Jesus Christ so that they know the Good Shepherd for themselves; so that they can recognize Jesus’ voice and hear the way in which God would have them go.

The call to be a shepherd is a serious one. It is not a passive role. However, we have a Good Shepherd who tenderly leads us and provides all that is needed, lighting the dark, restoring us, covering us with goodness and mercy, with us to end of the age and beyond. Thanks be to God.

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