Game Over

Game Over?

Caught between
‘give it all I have”
and their needs
who comes first?


“Surely, they will understand,”
I tell myself
as I go all out;
all out at work,
all out at play
that is work;
all out
until I am spent,
then . . .


Caught between,
“we don’t do that
Family first,”
and who I am,
have been.


Lessons learned?


How will they
take over,
continue the work
if they do not go
all out?


Game over.
Business succeeded.
Family alienated.


Game over.

It’s a new day,
a new game
of family first.


The take over
is on
their terms.


New day.
New game.
I hope it’s not
too late
I need them now.

Is It Game Over Attitudes to Work and Family Change?

How do you find the balance between putting all your energies into business success, whatever that business may be, and family? For some, it is an easy choice. However, many anecdotes suggest that too often, business success comes at the expense of family alienation.

If you are in the younger, newer wave of business leadership, you are more likely to choose a “family first” approach. However, if you belong to the older wave, this new approach can create anxiety. You wonder about the longevity and success of what you have created.

It is not that you do not think family is important. However, often without realizing it, business has taken over a large portion of your life. Even recreational activities were about business contacts and networking.

Yet, if you chose the business first approach and are honest you will realize that there has been a cost. Too often, your relationship with your family was the price you paid for putting business first and going all out to expand and maintain its success. When you slow down and approach retirement or retire, too often, you are faced with a distant, if not fractured relationships.

What can you do?

With the strategic lifestyle, there is a way to have a perspective that helps you to appropriately define success so that family is not left behind to flounder. Neither is the business neglected.

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