Break Free from Stressed-Out Living

This Freedom Lifestyle 28-Day Planner is designed for the busy  professional who is stressed out from keeping everything together. Use it to get on the path of freedom, joy, and love.



Hi, I\’m Dr. Claire

Why I created this planner

How do you plan your day, your week, your month for stress-free living? Where do you start? As a spiritual mentor and coach, this is a question I have to discuss with my clients. This planner incorporates the key elements of what it means to move away from stressed-out living. This is why I created the planner.

I created this planner specially to give you a guide to incorporate stress-free living in your daily life. I give you prompts to build times of renewal every day. 





It\’s a big deal

What you get



The Freedom Lifestyle Planner keeps you focused on your values and priorities so that as you plan you stay true to who you are.


Through guided daily, weekly, and end-of-month reflection prompts, you gain insight into your journey from stressed-out living and what you need to change.


From the daily scripture verses to the place to the reminder to renew and celebrate at the end of the day, you will be encouraged through this planner.


By limiting your number of priorities, goals, and your to-do list, the planner gives you boundaries to avoid overcommitting and overwhelm which lead to stress


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