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Strong Connections

For successful leaders who are making a difference in our world to manage their relationships, expectations, and time to stay connected with God, others, and themselves without shame or guilt, while staying true to their purpose.

Specially suited higher education administrators/executives, pastors, and business owners and leaders.


Connect! Coaching

Relationships, expectations, and time can be a complicated triad for the successful person, as you try to manage them all. Often, there is an imbalance. This one-on-one coaching will empower you to clarify, simplify, strategize and move forward with greater success in all areas of your life. Leave behind the guilt, shame, and sense of not being in as much control as you would like.


Change Your Life - Rise Up 30-Day Blueprint

Have you ever found yourself saying, “Why can’t I change this one thing? After all, I’m successful in everything else.” Well, there is nothing wrong with you. The good news is that the “Rise Up 30-Day Blueprint” gives you a custom made plan whereby you focus on one thing to get the change you seek. You move past past frustration, overwhelm, stress, and a sense of helplessness.

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What Do I Do Next?

Schedule a complimentary session with Dr. Claire where you will get clarity on your present and future states as you discuss with her the service that will best work for you to achieve your desired state.

I would recommend Surrender in Prayer and Dr. Claire Smith not only to ministers, but for anyone interested in spiritual growth and a deepening of their relationship with God.
Kendra Thompson
Dr. Claire is able to cut through the complex and other puzzling aspects of situations like no other I have ever experienced to put us into the very best possible position to succeed.
Dennis Daniels
My professional life was eating into my personal life. Dr. Smith aided me with focusing on what was important, highlighting how to best utilize my time. This helped me best aid those around me professionally and personally.
Rachel McClain
Rachel McClain
Dr. Claire was able to help me stay focused, dig deeper to get more clarity on what my needs were … define, stay focused and steps to take to go about implementing and rectifying and calling up expectations and how to meet those expectations and communicating them. It would frustrate me, and I wouldn’t say. I would me mad. Dr, Claire helped me realize secretary didn’t know what I wanted. I was able to say boldly and go ahead and just do it.
Rev. Dr. Faith Allen
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