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My coaching explicitly starts with the premise that you are a valued child of God first, before you are anything else. With this foundation, I  empower you to live in an integrated and connected way based on God’s love. This spiritual foundation is the most important foundation, which will positively impact each area of your life.

Love connections that begin with God’s love are the bedrock of relationships. Thus, it is important to not only recognize our interconnectedness as human beings, but to be able to have connections that are meaning and heart-engaged. However, there are times when connections and relationships can be used interchangeably.

The sad reality is that two things can leave you disconnected from your core identity, value, and purpose: 1) Busyness as you pursue your mission, vision and goals, and 2) Past wounds. Thus, we want to ensure that you reestablish and/or strengthen this connection, that it is strong. We will not take it for granted.

Coaching with me looks like spiritually, transformative conversations with resources provided as needed and as appropriate. As I engage in attentive listening, my relevant, incisive questions and feedback are critical to the process. To this, my clients attest. Moreover, I am not only listening to you but I am also listening to the Holy Spirit. You get insight and change.

frequently asked questions
I’ve had the privilege of participating in Claire’s coaching and spiritual mentoring program. It has been life altering for me. Claire has an amazing way of listening, guiding, and providing profound insights that have ultimately produced a new level of depth and peace in my relationship with God and others.
Dr. Timothy Steele
Timothy Steele
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