Do You Recognize these 3 Signs of a Relationship Gap with Your Children?

Do You Recognize these 3 Signs of a Relationship Gap with Your Children?

Do You Recognize these 3 Signs of a Relationship Gap with Your Children

What do you do when you have to be in the same room as your children for an extended period of time? This is the reality for some people — quarantined together and can’t go out. It could happen to you. It doesn’t have to be because of a quarantine. You could end up having to be in the same space with your children for any number of reasons. What you do will show whether or not you have the 3 signs of a relationship gap.


Sign #1 of the 3 Signs of a Relationship Gap — Find a Different Room

You do everything you can to avoid being in the same room. Now, of course if you can’t go out, at some point you will want to move and do something that’s different. However, with this sign you don’t wait for “at some point.” You simply do all that you can to ensure that you are not in the same room with your child/children. However, if you cannot avoid it you know how to take care of that. You have a technique called, “don’t look.”


Sign# 2 — Don’t Look

When you find yourself in the same room with you child/children, you glance at them furtively at each other. You’re on your device even if you’re not doing anything that’s important. The truth is, you’re avoiding eye contact for one or all of three reasons:

In other words, it’s about you and what makes you comfortable. Thus, when one and two fail, you go to the third sign — monopolize the conversation.


Sign #3 — Monopoly

The children caught you. They came into your space or they got you to do something you’d been trying to avoid or . . . Whatever the reason, you are now with them and can no longer avoid contact. You go into a monologue. You talk about everything under the sun except what would be of interest to them. Before you know it, their eyes glaze over and they check out. It works for you, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work for them.


These are three signs that you have a relationship gap with your children. You don’t know them. You’re not comfortable around them. As a result, you are challenged to communicate with and engage them.

So now that you know the signs, what are you going to do to close the relationship gap?

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Dr. Claire

Claire Annelise Smith, PhD, helps successful leaders who are making a difference mange their relationships, expectations, and time to have strong connections with God, others, and themselves, without shame and/or guilt. She does this through her personalized spiritual mentoring and coaching as well as providing pertinent resources. As a result, successful leaders have clarity, motivation, and tools to channel expectations and time for all round success that does not leave God, others, or who they are at their deepest level behind.

Dr. Claire brings decades of administrative, pastoral, and executive experience, She understands the drive that keeps individuals going and how successful leaders unintentionally become disconnected when their relationships, expectations, and time become victims of their own success.

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