DIgging Deep Wells

Digging Deep Wells with Rev Molly Just | Discipleship | Southwestern College – 004


Shownotes: Digging Deep Wells—Interview with Rev Molly Just, Director of the Discipleship Program at Southwestern College in Winfield, KS.

DIgging Deep WellsWhen Molly hears the phrase, “living from God’s center,” the image that comes to her mind is a deep well. A healthy life and ministry come when we are able to foster a deep well from which we can draw daily. We are always in the business of digging that well.

The best way to dig the well is to engage in spiritual and other disciplines that help us to live a healthy life and ministry. In a conversation with someone else Molly noted that self-care in this regard is self-discipline.

Molly’s favorite discipline

Molly tries to live from a place where she is engaging in spiritual discipliners. Daily Scripture and prayer ground her each day. She does this in community. In addition, she exercises discipline in eating healthy and exercising regularly. The disciplines weave together in a lot of different ways.

The path to living from God’s center

Molly owes a lot to the people and pastors who have mentored her. From the beginning of her faith journey, every pastor and seminary professor has pushed her to keep her focus on who Jesus is. That is so often done by engaging in the disciplines. It has always been at the forefront of her life and faith.

Community is also important. Since we’re created in the image of God we’re created to live the same way. She is part of an online Wesley Band in which she participates daily. They have banded together to grow in their faith, share where they are, pray, hold each other accountable. In the Wesley Band you will find intentionality and vulnerability. It is an honest space.

Advice to someone who desires to live from God’s center

  • advice for digging deep wellsTake an inventory of how you spend your time. “The first rule of holy living is how you spend your time” – Jeremy Taylor to John Wesley
  • Keep the Sabbath.
  • Take an inventory of your life and figure out where you need discipline. It could be a new discipline.

Advice to pastors/ministry leaders desiring to support young adults on their journey to live from God’s center

If you don’t know a young adult personally you should get to know them in your congregation or community. Ask them what their needs are. They are people with different needs at different times.

Remind them that roots and fruits go together. Those who know their spiritual gifts and are able to put them into practice know their roots can take them far but sometimes they forget about nurturing the roots, about digging the well. Encourage them in their gifts but their gifts can take them so far.

Favorite books or prayer resources that Molly recommends

From Solitude to Community to Ministry” Henri Nowen

The Practice of the Presence of God: The Wisdom and Teachings of Brother Lawrence by Brother Lawrence, compiled by Father Joseph de Beaufort

Seeking God: the Way of St Benedict by Esther de Waal

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