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Connected: Successful Leaders Stay Connected with God, Others, and Themselves While Staying True to Their Purpose.

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What happens when you have a strong understanding of your purpose? Let us take it one step further. What happens when your mission at work strongly aligns with your purpose and your vision is crystal clear?

If you are like George and Richard in this book, you face a danger. It is very easy to become disconnected from God, people, and yourself.

This is why I invite you to follow George and Richard on their journeys to both stay connected and reconnect with God, others, and themselves.

Connections do matter. It is time to stay connected.



About Claire Annelise Smith (Dr Claire)

Claire Annelise Smith, Phd, aka Dr. Claire, is an author, speaker, personal spiritual mentor and coach, as well as the founder of Strategic Lifestyle Connection.  Through Strategic Lifestyle Connection, she works with successful leaders who are making a difference in our world. She works with them to manage their relationships, expectations, and time so that they have strong connections with God, people, and themselves. They do so without shame and guilt, wile staying through to their purpose.

Other Books by Dr. Claire

Dr. Claire has written a number of books, including, Help! I Want Out, Dads Love Lasts, and How to Pray.

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