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free 5-day challenge - Monday July 10 to Friday July 14, 2023

being better doing better

2023 - 6 months left - i'm coming strong

Go back

Take a quick look at the first 6 months of the year to see what is good and what needs to go.

go forward

Look at how the reality of time, how you use time, your priorities. Find the right size for you and make your plan.

be ready to move

2nd HalF — Next-Level

Being Better Doing Better
Being Better Doing Better

what happened?

Take a look at what happened in the 1st half of 2023. Bring forward important lessons.

what's up with time?

Coming to grips with the reality of time and how you have been using it.

friend or foe?

An invitation to reimagine and renegotiate your relationship with time.

what matters most?

Take stock of what is most important to you so that it will guide you as you move into the second half of 2023.

getting it right

Working to get to the heart of what is right for you with priorities and time.

nothing beats a plan

Leave with a plan.

5 days - ,Monday July 10 to Friday July 14, 2023


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  • Chapter – “Whatever Happened to Time,” from, Help! I Want Out!

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are you ready?

from Help! I Want Out!

“How we use time, tells the story of our lives. What story is your use of time telling?”

your leader

Who is leading being better, doing better?

claire annelise smith, PhD

Dr. Claire is an author, speaker, spiritual mentor and coach, as well as the founder of Strategic Lifestyle. She supports leaders to cut through the clutter in their lives with simplified solutions.

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