Helping successful leaders live fully in the light again.

Helping successful leaders cut through the clutter and layers of their lives to identify what’s most important and develop a strategic lifestyle that allows them to (1) be more productive by using their time better, including empowering their employees and, (2) improve their relationships by spending more quality time with their loved ones with enhanced communication.

These lead to a stronger legacy

Who Am I?

I am an author, speaker,  spiritual mentor and coach, as well as the founder of Strategic Lifestyle. At Strategic Lifestyle, we support leaders to cut through the clutter in their lives with simplified solutions.

I have been in leadership at various levels, beginning in my teens. As such, I understand the pressure and the drive. For me, it wasn’t as simple as being successful, though I was. I only knew how to give my all, and then some, to whatever project or program or group that was entrusted to me.

However, I missed some important pieces along the way. They were left for, “when I have time.”

The funny thing with time, however, is that it is there and it is up to you to shape it to work for you. But, there was no one to help me what that.

However, with God’s help, I found a path to release the pressure and realign my life. I discovered the strategic lifestyle In this way, I have space for God, others, and can build for the future.

Manage Time | Have Better Relationships | Beat Stress with Dr. Claire
Claire Annelise Smith, PhD

My Mission

My mission is to help people peel away the layers of their lives to create the space for better relationships, at home and/or at work and build a stronger legacy, grounded in Christian spirituality.

You see, you are so committed to serving, being your best, seeking to bring out the best in your team that you miss you.

And so, the pressure builds up. Before you know it, critical things like relationships get buried beneath the layers.

The result? You are no longer free. Your time is spoken for and you are drained mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You are unaligned.

It is time to change this.

Just as you monitor the tire pressure and alignment of your car; just as you monitor your physical pressure and alignment, it is time for you mental, emotional and spiritual pressure and alignment reset.

Best for executives, academic leaders, PharmD’s, and teen leaders

Experiences We Offer for the Strategic Lifestyle

The experiences we offer:

My Core Values

Here are the values which form the foundation from which I serve: