4 Things You Need to Know About the Balanced Lifestyle

4 Things You Need to Know About the Balanced Lifestyle

“There is no such thing as balance,” she said, implying that a balanced lifestyle is a myth. I’ve thought about that statement. I’ve heard several others repeat it. Yet, the question remains, if it doesn’t exist, why do people seek it? And more importantly, how then can some people say they have achieved balance in their lives? Is it truly a myth?


There is some truth to the statement, as we will explore below. However, as we look around, we see that balance, as in equilibrium and harmony, is a part of life. The principle is at work in see-saws, riding your bicycle, birds and airplanes flying . . . . Things go wrong when balance is missing.


For my part, my productivity drops when the balanced lifestyle slips from me. Moreover, my body tells me when I am out of balance. I am more prone to infection. Perhaps you too have a way of knowing when you are living out of balance. Whether you do or not, these 4 aspects of the balanced lifestyle are important for you to know.

#1 You Know When You Have a Balanced Lifestyle

While it may be hard to put your finger on just what a balanced lifestyle is, you know when you have achieved it. Here is what I mean.

When you are living such a lifestyle, you have space in your life for God, self, and others. You have a sense of calm, even when the pressure is on. As a leader, you are clear-headed when decision time comes around. Your creativity and productivity are on point. You live in a state of flow.

However, life can throw curve balls. Thus, you may enter a season where turmoil is all around you. Then, your balanced lifestyle is in jeopardy.

#2 Seasons Come and Go

Having reached this stage of your life, you know that seasons come and go. What do I mean by this? Life is not static and it is not even. Disasters strike. Job redundancy is an experience people have. Relationships rupture. People die. These are stark realities. They are also realities that can disrupt a balanced lifestyle.

Here is the thing: while they may disrupt it, let it be for a season and not a permanent reality of your life. Deal with these situations as best you can. Remind yourself that, “this too will pass.” Hold on to as many aspects of your balanced living as you can. Get support. Do whatever it takes so that a disruptive season passes, and you return to your balanced lifestyle.

Why is this important? The lack of a balanced lifestyle is dangerous.

#3 Not Living a Balanced Lifestyle Is Dangerous

“That statement is a bit extreme,” you may say. Well, it sounds that way, but it isn’t. When you are not living a balanced lifestyle, you suffer and the people around you suffer. This is what I am getting at.

As a successful leader, you are already under a lot of pressure. When you allow balance to slip away or evade you, you become unaligned. Moreover, you lose the foundations that would support you to maintain this success in a healthy way. How?

When you do not create space in your life, relationships suffer, become frayed and even break. You are unable to take care of your health. You do not have the space to process creatively. You are distant from God. You get into a rut and stay there, doing the same repeatedly. The next thing you know, you are just spinning your wheels. What can you do?

balanced lifestyle instead of struggle
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#4 The Constants of a Balanced Lifestyle is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Deal

Let’s first establish that a balanced lifestyle is not a one-size-fits-all deal. However, this does not mean it does not exist. This is where people get confused. This is why some people say it is not real. However, do not allow this lack of uniformity to throw you off your desiring and seeking such a lifestyle.


While the exact manifestation of a balanced lifestyle varies from person to person, there are some universal principles. These are present in any balanced lifestyle and center around space. You create the space in your life for yourself, God, and others. Thus, you engage in activities that allow you to nurture and feed these important relationships.

The Sum of the Matter

A balanced lifestyle is not only important. It is necessary. While it looks differently for different people, while seasons may disrupt it, seek it. Be sure to build the space in your life on which you lay the foundation for it. Live at peace with yourself, God, and others.

Get your cheat sheet here on these 4 key things to know about a balanced lifestyle.

Question: What does a balanced lifestyle mean to you and where do you need to create space in your life to achieve it?

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Dr. Claire

Claire Annelise Smith, PhD, helps successful leaders who are making a difference mange their relationships, expectations, and time to have strong connections with God, others, and themselves, without shame and/or guilt. She does this through her personalized spiritual mentoring and coaching as well as providing pertinent resources. As a result, successful leaders have clarity, motivation, and tools to channel expectations and time for all round success that does not leave God, others, or who they are at their deepest level behind.

Dr. Claire brings decades of administrative, pastoral, and executive experience, She understands the drive that keeps individuals going and how successful leaders unintentionally become disconnected when their relationships, expectations, and time become victims of their own success.

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