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15-Minute Spiritual Tune-Up

How It Works | How You Join

Each Monday at 11.00 am CST/12.00 pm EST, you will join me online for:

Prayer is always confidential. Send in your prayer requests before hand and Dr. Claire will pray for them during this 15-minute spiritual tune-up.

Simply fill out the form below. We will send you the link and reminder each week. And yes, we know that you may not be able to make it each week, but Dr. Smith will welcome you whenver you are able to attend.

This special time is for leaders in high profile positions. Only fill in the form if you fit one or more of the categories listed below.

Yes, You Can!

Fulfill your mission in a high-pressured world while staying connected to God, people, and yourself.

As our time together went on, I came to most appreciate her weekly phone call. It was a reminder of God’s presence, of the need for spiritual conversation, and the blessing of having someone pray for me.
spiritual tune-up - Mic
Mic McGuire
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