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028: Thinking and Feeling—The Illusion


Shownotes: Thinking and Feeling—The Illusion

thinking and feeling illusionFeeling.
Driven, caught,
lost in the web of illusive
feeling overwhelming thinking,
obscuring reality.

On thinking and feeling. Could life be mediated through the screen so much that when you are faced with the real person or real thing, you are disappointed? You see, on the screen everything is enhanced to look more glamorous, more enticing and alluring, inviting a feeling response rather than a thoughtful one. Now, just note that this podcast episode is not about technology per se (Dr Craig Detweiler did an excellent job on that in his interview). At the same time, we must note that the filter technology provides could contribute you to being caught up in a web of illusion where feeling beats out thinking. Similarly, glossy magazines, sophisticated advertisements, and carefully crafted media offerings can do the same.

One day, I saw a sentence that read “Feeling is thinking” or maybe it was, “Feeling has replaced thinking.” Perhaps the latter was an explanation of the first statement. In any case, I wish I could remember where I read it so I could give credit. Since then, it has stayed with me because of the implications of feeling replacing thinking.

Before we go further, let me just say that there is a place for intuition and discernment. This is not about that. This is something that is insidious, therefore it can overtake us without our knowing. With that said, let’s continue.

Feeling—emotions, reacting from that place of emotions, being in that place, opinions based on those vs.
Thinking—processing with the mind, using logic, consistent reasoning; where opinions and judgements come from a careful examination of all the evidence that is known.

When we consider the difference between feeling and thinking, if it is true that feeling has taken the place of thinking, there are serious implications. Let’s take a look.

When we look around, we must admit that there is some truth to it. Perhaps that’s why it stuck with me. It seems to explain so much. You see, people are making judgements and promoting actions based on their likes and dislikes rather than the reality of basic things like the law and what is really present in the situation. This is true in news items, opinion pieces, social media, and sadly, in our ministries sometimes. So, you get the picture.

thinking and feelingPractical tip:

As you go through this week, pay attention to your reactions to people and situations. Is it based only on your emotional response or does it combine a thoughtful response.


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