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With the right perspective, support, and focus, you will successfully navigate your life changes and transitions with confidence, hope, and love.

I provide coaching and resources to higher education administrators and executives, pastors, business owners, and leaders.

It’s Just a Part of Life

Major changes are just a part of life, you say. So you continue on, not realizing the toll they are taking on you.

Transitions accompany significant changes. It is not a one-time event. Without intentionally navigating transitions with support, you may feel overwhelmed. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even physically depleted, you may may feel isolated and burdened by the world.

In this state, it is easy to lose sight of your self-identity. Before you know it, you may struggle with the impact of changes and transitions on your relationships, expectations, and time management.

Moreover, with uncertainty about what comes next, you find it difficult to let go of past issues.

Major Life Changes

Here are some of the common significant life changes that you may go through.

Work Related

  • Career change
  • Work changes including promotion, new staff, reorganization, mergers, etc.
  • What comes after graduation with a higher degree?
  • Retirement


  • Loss - death, divorce
  • Moving from one stage of life to another, eg, getting married, becoming an empty nester, declining health of a parent (s).
  • Personal health crisis.
  • Retirement


  • Relocating for personal or work reasons
  • Realigning with God and God’s purpose&
  • ·Dealing with multiple life changes at the same time

What I offer:

Who I Am?

Giving You the Right Perspective, Support, Focus

I am an author, speaker, and spiritual mentor and coach. I specialize in helping successful leaders navigate significant life changes with confidence, hope, and love. Drawing from my personal experiences in transitioning through various life changes, I emphasize the importance of maintaining a connection with God to remain stable and resilient. 

I bring a diverse background to my coaching and mentorship, having served as a youth minister, pastor, faculty member, program director, and leader in international organizations.

Dr. Claire invites you
Claire Annelise Smith, PhD
Personal Spiritual Mentor and Coach
I find Claire to be full of the spirit, a gentle challenger, with sincere care for people. I’m grateful for the new awareness I received.
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St. Louis
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